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What Have I Forgotten?

The more we know, the more we seem to forget. Even, and especially, if it’s the things we love the most. It seems ironic and counter-intuitive, but the more knowledge and passion we have, the more capacity we have to overlook something, be it minuscule or essential. I’m constantly forgetting the names of the main characters in the anime shows that I love…if you were to ask me right now to rattle off the names of the characters in Arakawa Under The Bridge or Angel Beats or ef-a tale of memories, I know I would miss quite a few of them. It’s the same lapse we have when we forget an essential birthday or anniversary…not that we actually forget it, but we are off by a day or two. So this week I suppose I will try to remember here, (some of) what I have forgotten over the past several weeks.

But before I forget and rush headlong into the tidal wave of more rhetoric, there is THIS:


Mexico 2   France 0

Ha Ha ha!! Take THAT ya cack-suckin’ cheatin’  fackin’ Frenchies!!  HA HA HA!!! All hail Javier Hernandez  whose goal in the 55th minute and Cuauhtemoc Blanco whose penalty kick at the 62 minute mark sent the fackin’ Frenchies packing.

¡¡Jodimos el Frenchies!! ¡¡¡¡HA HA HA!!!!

¡¡Cagomos en la leche de tu puta madre, Frenchies!! ¡¡¡¡HA HA HA!!!!

¡¡Los Africanos le joderán el culo, Frenchies!! ¡¡¡¡HA HA HA!!!!

I certainly didn’t want to forget about THAT!! And I know all of Ireland was cheering along with me. But I know I’m forgetting something….

Since the checkered flag dropped on the Indy 500, I have completely forgotten about IRL for some inexplicable reason. There was a race at Texas Motor Speedway (the Firestone 550K) on June 5th that, well, it just slipped away into the great gaping maw of oblivion somehow. And I’m ashamed to say that I missed some great racing excitement. I need to get caught up on things and keep caught up.

Andretti Autosports seems to have gotten back up to speed. After blowing chunks during Indy 500 qualifying, and with the exception on Danica, placing no one in the top 5 at Indy, the Andretti gang placed all 4 drivers in the top 7 at Texas. Danica finished 2nd to winner Ryan Briscoe. 1.5 seconds back. Marco was third, Tony and Ryan were 6th and 7th respectively. They need to keep this up however, and keep the pressure on the Penske and Ganassi boys.

So I missed Danica’s great finish, but I also missed a fiery wreck on lap 99 involving my favourite up and coming IRL driver, Simona De Silvestro, that turned very frightening and could have ended badly. A scary situation, owing primarily to the incompetence of the fire safety crew and/or their equipment. Simona suffered only a burned finger, but she is lucky it was only that.

I promise I will not forget to watch and report on the upcoming Iowa Corn Indy 250 which tees off at the Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa on June 20th.

Yikes! That tomorrow!! The Toyota/Save Mart 350 from Sears Point is on….and…there’s this very essential match between Brazil and Côte d’Ivoire that will be MUST see!  *flail*  So much for promises. but I do promise not to forget!

USA WINS 1-1!!!

I wasn’t going to forget about this one. Nope. I was glued to the my HDTV in the comfort of my recliner for THIS one last Saturday I’m here to tell you. Lunch, Beer, World Cup Football between England and the USA. Nothing like it. I honestly would rather watch this than the Super Bowl ((unless the Packer are in the Super Bowl, of course)). It did not look good for our lads in the opening moments as Steven Gerrard found the goal off a pass from Emile Heskey via Frank Lampard for 1-0 lead at the 4 minute mark. But our lads sucked it up and played tough, hard-nosed football from there on out and when Clint Dempsey dinked it home off of goalie Robert Green’s hands of concrete at the 40 minute mark, it was a war to the finish that ended in a 1-1 draw. And despite the scoreboard, it was a war that the USA won.

England was expected to win this. But their play did not live up to the expectations and the talent they placed on the field. In that sense, they are quite similar to the teams the Minnesota Vike-Queens has field in the years since Bud Grant retired…full of talent, but full of shite when it comes to winning it all.

This is game that both Robert Green and English would surely like to forget. But they won’t. Ever.



This focking match will not be forgotten, either. Now granted, the USA played like schmucks in the first half and spotted Slovenia a 2-0 lead at halftime. But their victory should not have been stolen from them at end by stupid, incompetent officiating. I refer, of course, to Malian referree Koman Coulibaly disallowing a clear goal by Maurice Edu off a free kick from Landon Donovan at the 86 minute mark that would have sealed a 3-2 comeback win. The USA was robbed of a goal. Coulibaly gave no indication why he disallowed the goal…no penalty was called on anyone…and nothing was forthcoming from him after the match. Landon Donovan who smacked a sweet shot at the 48 minute mark past Slovenian goal Samir Handanovic, queried Coulibaly in both English AND French ((the Colonial language of Mali, btw)). Nothing.

Coulibaly is going to be called before FIFA to account for actions and will most likely never be allowed to referee a World Cup match ever again. But the damage has been done.

Meanwhile, the Internet Meme-Makers have beat me to the finish line on this….left me several laps back on this. The obvious revenge for this would be to simply disallow our 123 million dollars of foreign aid to Mali. There ye go. Maybe Slovenia can pick up the tab.

In the future, Monsieur Modibo Sidibé,  send your foreign aid requests to:

Samuel Žbogar
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Prešernova 25
1000 Ljubljana
Republic of Slovenia

Be sure to include a SASE!

Denny Hamlin won at Michigan? Wut?!

I have already almost completely forgotten last Sunday’s Heluva Whatever The Fock at Michigan. I was probably too busy eating something, or cooking something or drinking something. That’s right, Denny Hamlin, saving me from piuring out half a pint of SPATEN Bock and replacing it with ice & MILLER Lite as Kurt Busch finished third. Other than that, which I had to actually look up on Jayski to jog my memory, I do recall that the Roushketeers still look like they’re racing xxx simulacra of actual Sprint Cup cars in a jar of molasses and opium. No facking speed at all. These guys used to OWN Michigan. It’s the House that Jack built. But….it was a miserable performance. Biff, The Carl, and Matt, finished 10th, 12th & 14th. Ragan dragged his ass home in 34th.

Now it is a bit disturbing that I actually forgot NASCAR stuff. But the Michigan race was, admittedly, a bit underwhelming. I think. At least that’s way I remember it.

There is, ofcourse, an endless parade of things that I am forgetting, or rather, put more delicately, things that I am neglecting. Things that pass through my stream of consciousness like great invisible birds, their whispering wings echoing in their slipstream as they migrate off somewhere. Yes, I’m neglecting things by forgetting to remember them.In the world of motorsports alone there’s ARCA; and ASA; and all the local tracks here in Wisconsin that deserve my attention and my vision. I have to remember more of these things. I also have to remember the names of all the anime characters in the shows I watch, even though I’m terrible with names ((but I never forget a face)). And yes, like most men I need to remember my wedding anniversary; also, my wife’s birthday, my daughter’s birthday, and my grand-daughter’s birthday. “Yes sweetheart, we met on August 18th, I don’t remember the year, um, oh yeh, 1997, and we got married, um, on a Friday, in September, last year, 2009!! Ah!! September, 23rd 2009!!”

I’m quite sure I’m forgetting something else that is very essential. But I’m afraid we’ll have to live without it for now. Was it poetry? Was it from a Tarzan book?  *sigh* I simply can’t remember.


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  1. Uh, I seriously hope it was supposed to be funny how you screwed up the dates there. That is definitely not the day we met, nor the day we got married.

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