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Two Pints Of Gravy

big sam & steve bruce
big sam & steve bruceGIVE that man another pint of gravy, good sir….


It’s been what….a month and a half, say? 3 fortnights?

Well, however you slice it up, it’s been an unreasonable passage of time. And no need to belabor the obvious or oblivious facts that get in the way of the truth. And why bother with the truth either, since no one can handle it anyway.

Maybe I should, abandon;1 or change the name of the bloog and get the bloog it’s own domain name; or re-boot with new theme and look; or take an entirely different approach…for example: make this a blog about avant garde jazz or antique tractor and farm equipment collecting or both, or something like that.

For the time being, I’ll leave it as it is, somewhat, and where it is, definitely.

But I’m not ruling out a change of look….although getting a look to work to my satisfaction has always been problematic. For example:



Screenshot 2016-07-23 11.35.00


Screenshot 2016-07-23 11.47.33


Screenshot 2016-07-23 11.48.34


Screenshot 2016-07-23 11.50.01


Screenshot 2016-07-23 12.18.06


Screenshot 2016-07-23 12.22.55LOL!! WTF???


I toyed around with that allegedly bright idea for a bit this morning…

But as usual, it was almost a worthless venture for me. I honestly have to commit to changing the look to seriously give it a go.

Better off for me to just write something.

And we’ve seen how well THAT’S been going lately.

So no avant garde jazz or tractor collecting at the moment. Nothing about The World Saxophone Quartet2 or the First Nebraska Tractor Trials which began on March 31, 1920.3

The early stages of the Europa League and Champions League qualifiers are going on now mostly in the grimmest of grim Eastern Europeans shitholes. I suppose I could pick one match at random and write about it and call it a day, but that’s been done before and I just didn’t feel in the mood for that this time around.

But there is, or rather now was, a team in the Europa League that is actually named Europa. They are from Gibraltar, that mighty football powerhouse off the South coast of Spain. They got boosted from the 2nd round of qualifying 2-0 on aggregate by AIK Fotball from friendly Solna, Sweden.4

And speaking of Mighty Gibraltar, over on the Champions League qualifyng side, Gibraltar’s greatest team in world (of Gibraltar), the Lincoln Red Imps, gave Celtic a mighty scare by winning their first qualifying match at home by 1-0 on a 48th minute goal by Lee Casciaro who is works fulltime as a cop in Gibraltar. This was the most stunning victory in Champions League history!! And I’m not making that up. It truly is! A team of part-time footballers beat one of the storied teams in both Scotland and the world, Celtic, and gave the full-time pros a shameful little spanking. And though the world wished they’d also beat Celtic in the return leg in Glasgow,5 it was not to be. Celtic took an easy 3-0 win and moved on. But for a brief descending moment, the Red Imps were world beaters and that was a good thing.

Lots of other things happened, too, like, say, Brexit and all that dross. And the Republican Convention, and all that dross. And the All-Star Game; various F1 races won by Lewis Hamilton; and England hiring a new football coach who drinks gravy by the pint, according to a few lads who have naught better to do with their precious time.

Since I have nothing better to do with my precious time either, evidently, I will grab myself whatever is close at hand and leave it to your fevered imagination to determine whether it’s a can of beer, or a pint of gravy.

I will also leave it to you to conjure up some of what I have not conjured up for y’all here from the spins and spills and thrills of the past 3 baker’s dozens plus a 6-pak of days. Just be warned that what appears in your imagination might not be what appears in mine. Also, sometimes objects in your imagination are closer than they appear. But that’s your lookout.

As for mine, I’m just going to dive into one of those bombshelters we conjured up and built back in the late 1950’s. I’ll be safe there from both the facts AND the truth.



  1. That’s been covered already I suppose
  2. Perhaps BY, but not about…
  3. Which was won by a Waterloo Boy Model N12-25 tractor.
  4. And why WOULDN’T they be friendly since they play in Friends Arena.
  5. At the very least, Rangers fans did.

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