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Relegation Bound

Next Stop….BURNLEY….Burnley Manchester Road…   The telegraph wires hum as I tap this out on a cool/warm sunny Saturday morning. The wind gives the blinds in my office a little shake, startling Sophie, our little Pekinese/Shih Tzu pup (actually not a pup…fully grown and almost 4 years old). She packs it in, and returns to…

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Only Human

bicycle fascists

Here Come The Bicycle Fascists, AGAIN!! Nobody (with the exception of the bicycle fascists, of course) in America would give a fock about professional cycling and the Tour de France if not for Lance Armstrong. Not even Greg LeMond moved the needle as much as Armstrong has. If an American is not winning it, or…

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Do Not Disturb!!

Chelsea 2     Benfica 1 Sunderland 0     Tottenham 0 Chelsea 2     Wigan 1 I have to hand it to Tottenham, and be thankful, for without them, I would NEVER get caught up on my sleep. This is the 2nd Saturday in the last 3 that I was able to get the sleep I need,…

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Smoke & Mirrors


Tony Stewart Wins Sprint Cup Championship   11/20/2011 Smoke won the Ford 400 at Homestead Miami Speedway, the final race of the season to claim his the Championship of his career. He quite literately had to win that race since he ended the season tied with Carl Edwards who finished second. Despite winning the race, Smoke…

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It’s Talladega Baby!!! Spring 2011 Boy’s Love Edition

boy's love

Hey big fella….it’s TALLADEGA!!! And you know what THAT means…..!! Yes…it’s indeed Talladega, Baby!! And you might know what that means…if this was 2010, that is. But not anymore, I’m afraid. Not anymore. 2011 brings us a Talladega that is going where no Talladega has gone before. Sorry, you monsters…you evil ones…I’m sorry sorry sorry.…