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The Mayor Of Casterbridge

march madness

Athletic Bilbao 2     Manchester United 1     (5-3 Agg) Manchester City 3     Sporting CP 2     (3-3 Agg) Chelsea 4     Napoli 1    (5-4 Agg) March Madness indeed. The weather, for one….80 focking degrees in mid-March in Wisconsin?? The NCAA tournament with 2 upsets that no one saw coming….Norfolk State and Lehigh toppled Duke and Mizzou….quite a few…

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Just A Moment

Chelsea FC bad moment

Chelsea 2     Blackburn Rovers 0 It was just a moment, in a descending series of moments. But it seemed to last forever….a moment that would never end. In a behavioral sense of the word, moment is more or less intended to be quick, finite and have temporal short duration, as in “May I have a…