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First and 10

jose mourinho
jose mourinho“One of the easiest things in football is to win 1-0.”


Ipswich Town 0      Norwich City 1

Lewis Grabben smacked home the opener at 24 minutes off a Tettey header from Hoolihan’s corner, and….as Jose Mourinho might say, the rest was easy. It didn’t look easy at times, but Norwich was the better side through and through. And though they had enough chances to win 4-0, it was their third win on the trot. And best of all, they beat the fackin’ Tractor Boys in their own gym, taking the first leg of the East Anglia derby. There were a few wobbles along the way, but Ruddy wasn’t troubled much by Ipswich as the defense kept the donkeys at bay. On the ball, City!!



Chelsea 2      Leicester City 0

Winning 2-0, one would think, would be easier. But it was not the case today at the Bridge. The Foxes put on a tough challenge and by all rights Daniel Nugent should have scored a brace. Chelsea looked like a League 1 squad in the 1st half. They lacked their precision and sharpness. Jose fired up a little speech about how winning 1-0 is the easiest thing in football to do, but reminded the lads that if they don’t figure out how to do that, Leicester City surely will. The Foxes made a good go of Jose’s warning coming out of the break, but their threat petered out as Costa and company got down to business and got the job done. Ivan added a header for good measure and Chelsea ran out 2-0 winners. Forgetting, of course that winning 2-0 is harder than winning 1-0. And winning 2-1 even harder. Speaking of which….


Everton 2      Arseanal 2

The Toffees took the early lead on a sweet Seamus Coleman goal at 19 minutes. Stephen Naismith added the 2nd right before the break. You would think that taking a 2-0 lead into halftime would have been safe, and good value. Everton was outplaying the Gunners and for a good bit of the2nd half continued that trend. But as time was winding down, the verve and resolve of Everton seemed to be winding down. The substitution of Giroud for Alexis at halftime was finally beginning to bear some fruit. After a seemingly constant flurry of assaults in the Everton area, Aaron Ramsey hauled one back, breathing life in Arseanal’s efforts. And on 90 minutes, Olivier Giroud headed the equalizer home off a nice cross from Nacho Monreal. And for the second week in a row, the Toffee slouch out with a 2-2 (loss) draw.


And then THIS Nonsense Rears Its Ugly Head:


vincent tan

kiss me you kike faggot

malky makay is a twatI never said I didn’t want to hire a kike, I just didn’t want to hire Kike. Nor did I want to hire a faggot or a gollywog or a spic or a wop or a chinky-chink you slant-eyed zipperhead with your homo black gloves!!


Yep. It was just a bunch of friendly banter….Malky Mackay and  his pal and technical director Ian Moody were texting/e-mailing each other in that vein while he was gaffer at Cardiff City, owned by the aforementioned Vincent Tan.

But that wasn’t what got him fired by Cardiff. It was never brought up when Tan let him go. So it seemed to the world that Tan was the typical monomaniacal foreign owner twat (after all…Tan forced Cardiff City to change it’s colours from blue to red, to match the colour of his Malaysian Airlines, which is not the one that was lost at sea or shot down in the Ukraine, btw) and that Mackay was unfairly done by.

Evidently there was more behind the scenes.

This little but of revenge on Tan’s part was revealed the night before Mackay was due to be announced as the new gaffer at Crystal Palace. Palace CEO Steve Parish withdrew the job offer. Ian Moody resigned as Crystal Palace technical director ((He’d been fired by Tan at Cardiff before Mackay got the axe….and took on the same role at Palace)).

And there we go, 4th down and 25 for Mackay. Top banter indeed.

And since this was merely a rude and impertinent interruption perpetrated by a bunch of focking bellends, the words written about it don’t count in the tally.

So this little missive is still 500 words of less.


tits at Talladega



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