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Thick As A Brickyard 400, twittered

I’m not quite sure what possessed me to even THINK about doing this, but since I hardly have an original thought in my head, it does not surprise me in the least, despite any semblance of judgement, better or otherwise, that might reside somewhere within me, albeit deeply buried, that I actually attempted this at…

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A String Only God Can Cut

jeremy mayfield saga

Well…the Jeremy Mayfield saga has gotten WAY out of hand, to put it mildly. It is careening down the mountain at 110, no make that 210 spewing moonshine and apocalyptic madness in it’s wake. More failed droog tests. More counter tests that show Jeremy being clean. Imperial and arrogant NASCAR  being accused of spiking the…

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Apples Of The Revolution

polish victory lap

We can pretend for a moment that I have just addressed you as Evil Ones.…and then proceed to careen onward through the chaos of the English Language to deliver you the ofttimes poignant and bewildering revelations of the NASCAR and Anime and sometimes, the music and political world, DIRECTLY into your e-mail box. Yes, YOU…

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A Mutant League

mutant league

This brief document is fairly typical of my almost weekly e-mails that I’ve been sending to a few of my NASCAR buddies, and a several others whose divergent tastes might allow them to find some brief amusement in them. The particular missive posted below was written and sent on June 28th 2009. I’ve been doing this…