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swanlake1Chelsea 0      Swansea 2

When asked what I thought about last Wednesday’s Capitol One Cup semi-final tilt between  Chelsea and Swansea, I said that watching that match was very much like watch THIS video over and over again for 90 minutes straight with the volume and treble turned up all the way:

That pretty much sums up the match from Chelsea’s perspective. Ivan made 2 crucial defensive cock-ups that lead to both of Michu’s goals.

But really Chelsea. Really now. Flex Your Muscles!!


On a little editorial note, I was going to post this up on Thursday night. But some technological problems precluded me from  getting that done. Alright, what happened was I left my laptop charger at home, and the battery had run down to 6%. So here’s my match report. Be sure to drink a beer while reading/listening to this, if you dare, and be sure to turn the volume up ALL THE WAY.

And as always, FLEX YOUR MUSCLES!!!


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