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The New Saints

The New Saints

B36 Tórshavn 1      The New Saints 2   I’m not the least bit Catholic, mind, but I’m all for Saints, the existence of Saints, the beatifications of Saints and the rest of (most of) the dross that goes along with, up to a certain point. It think it’s a good idea for the most part.…

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Bully For You!!

“Suck it UP, Buttercup!!”   This is what happens when I tend (try) to get serious for a moment about serious things. In my attempt to NOT write a 347 page book about the subject, I wind up glossing over things ((which is rather like polishing a turd—to use a tedious cliche….use of said cliche…

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Scrambled Eggs

Chelsea 1      Basel 2   I wondered all through the Champions League opening tilt where in hell Jose Mourinho got his starting lineup and subs bench from. From the look of it, he must have  rounded up a bunch of shit-lookalikes from pubs and such all over London and England, and perhaps Scotland…