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Chelsea Death Squad

Steven Universe

I know EVERYTHING about English Premier League Fantasy Football — You just wait and see!!   Well….all I know is that some bleedin’ gob has started Zlatan, Agüero, and Middlesbrough’s Christian Stuani in his starting lineup today and to that bleedin’ gob I say, “Fuck you!” I also know that my EPL Fantasy Football team,…

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Stabbed By A Westbound Freight

Railway Park, Rochelle IL, 7/13/12, 5:42PM CDT In the little train stations in my mind, a few things seem remarkably better than I can recall them being of late, but there are still good reasons for me remain silent, and still, and hope no one comes around to give those stations a new roof or…

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Sound O’ Sleep

girls in pajamas

    Chelsea 0     Tottenham 0 I was up this morning a LOT earlier than THESE lads were to watch this here in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin…Troll Capitol of the World. I settled into my recliner with a cup of coffee close at hand…and was soon lulled off into a nap…an extra 2 hours…