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Le Rejouer En Partie

Arsene Wenger’s revenge…..   I am currently watching the replay of yesterday’s FA Cup final between ArseAnal and Chelsea. My thought was that today it would turn out different than it did yesterday when ArseAnal and Arsene Wenger strode jauntily off into the sunset with a 2-1 win. But at the 3 minutes and change…

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The TCP/IP Stack Wars, Cont.

I do not know, nor do I care, how the Internet works.   If you don’t know a TCP/IP stack from a stack of pancakes, don’t feel too bad there. Even Steve Ballmer (current owner of the LA Clippers and one time right-hand man to none other than Bill Gates (who also wasn’t all that…

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5 Essential Things You NEED To Know About (*redacted*), But Can Live Without


Picture Not (*redacted*)   It seems like to me, and possibly (*redacted*) that I’ve bit off more than I can chew. You might think otherwise, after all, it’s ONLY 5 things, yes? Or, you might be thankful for my certain fate, yes, thrilled even that I won’t (might not) go into 5 long diatribes about…