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I’m a little late with my recap/editorial/take on the AAA 400 at Dover last Saturday. Then again, I also have not caught up on my anime viewing either. I have several episodes of Bakemonogatari, Needless, and Haruhi to watch. So that says more about me, I suppose, than the race at Dover.  The race was a thriller, as I recall. It was most unfortunate that Mark Martin didn’t catch Jimmie Johnson, and more unfortunate still that Matt Kenseth didn’t run them both down for win number 3.



And fock Jimmie Johnson and his damned ability!! Damn his eye!! Damn his sweep of Dover this year!! Damn his second place in the points a mere 10 points behind the old man Mark Martin!! Damn him to hell and then some!!




And that goes DOUBLE for the Evil Machinations of Chad Knaus!! Damn his prowess on the War Wagon!! Damn his envelope-pushing quasi-cheating ways!! Damn his tactics and strategy!! Damn him to hell and back, and once more for good measure!!


actions detrimental to stock car auto racing

But…there is a twist to this little story….


actions detrimental to stock car auto racing

It seems that the Hendrick boys….BOTH Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin, might have been pushing the envelope a bit too much at Dover. NASCAR issued a WARNING to them after their sleds ALMOST didn’t pass the post-race inspection.

Hmmmm. Curious, yes?  I wonder if Helton and the boys would have been so disingenuously courteous if, say, Robbie Gordon and David Ruetemann had finished 1st and 2nd, and so? I think Gordon and Ruetemann and their respective crew chefs would have been dinged for both dollars and points. Yes they would.

Johnson/Knaus I can see…..but Martin/Gustafson?  WTF?  Not THOSE two surely.



Now THIS one might be a little obscure, but bear with me, as it relates to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Junior finished 20th on Sunday, btw, so I’m not raining on anyone’s parade that hasn’t been drenched in a flood long ago.

In Neon Genesis Evangelion, the 13th Angel, Bardiel, inhabits and possesses all the strengths and attribute of Eva Unit 03. The other 3 Eva units are sent to destroy it, but Eva 00 and Eva 02 hesitates to attack because Bardiel appears to be an Eva like them. Eva 01 was attacked and refused to fight back. Eva 01’s pilot was overridden, and the dummy plug autopilot system was activated. Eva 01 proceeded to tear Bardiel, Eva 03, to shreds.

Bardiel, quite literally, means Humiliated Son Of God.

In the manga version of Evangelion, Bardiel is referred to as the 8th Angel.

Now, if y’all want me to clarify this little metaphorical fable further by spray-painting an 88 on the side of Bardiel’s head….


I'm not scared of Miles the Monster

I don’t know about y’all, but I was not aware that there was a Miss Sprint Cup, let alone two of them. I’m not sure why it never occurred to me. But…here is one of them:  Ms. Anne-Marie Rhodes. The other Miss Sprint Cup is Monica Polumbo.

Two of them. Hmmmm.



Now WHY the hell couldn’t Miles the Monster have crushed this focking car before the race began last Sunday!!??  It would have saved us all a lot of grief, misery, angst, ennui, remorse, depression, sadness, drunkenness, debauchery, incontinence, bewilderment, apoplexy, and all that dross.

Answer me that. Answer me THAT!!



And now….off to Kansas!

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