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Hearts Of Stone

jose mourinho fired

jose mourinho fired

jose mourinho fired

jose mourinho fired

jose mourinho fired

jose mourinho fired

jose mourinho firedStoke City 1      Chelsea 1
Chelsea 1     Liverpool 3
Stoke City 1      Chelsea 0
Chelsea 1      Norwich City 0
Tootenham 0      Chelsea 0
Chelsea 0      Bournemouth 1
Leicester City 2      Chelsea 1


I was going to stand in the rain, in an empty stadium, or my front yard, whichever is closer, and rant about how most of the Chelsea squad this season have hearts of stone. The front yard it is, then. But it’s not raining today, but it has been, literally and in December that is an insufferable thing, no White Christmas this year, but I digress.

Anyway, hearts of stone. Hearts turned to stone. Shameful. This is the same Chelsea squad that won the Premier League last season on the trot as they’d say in England1.

And now, look at them!! Look at the most recent pitiful results!! 1 win in their last 6 Premier League matches. And a 1-0 lost to Stoke in the Capital One Cup tossed in for bad measure.

Costa, Hazard, Fàbregas, Matic….Ivan….the whole lot of them with the exception of Willian, and possibly Ramires, and the young Kurt Zouma, should be hanging their heads in shame at the moment. That is, if they had any heart at all.

But I’ve come to doubt that.

Look at their play this season. From the evidence of it, and not just in the 7 games mentioned above, they only have hearts of stone to match their feet of concrete, their brains of mush and malice and petulance. Hearts of stone they have, as some sort of Yodaequese type would say. But not me.

I would say, “They have a heart of stone…” more as Bob Dylan sang it in “Property Of Jesus”.

So I was going to vent and rage about the lads in Blue and suggest that perhaps the lot of them should be replaced for the game with Sunderland with our Under-18 squad who just toppled Huddersfield Town’s Under 18s by a score of 6-1 while Costa, Hazard, Cesc, Matic, Ivan, Terry and so on sit in the stands dressed up like Smurfs. And yes, I know that it was the Hartlepool United fans and not Huddersfield Town fans who dress up like Smurfs, but I think idea is still apropos. For after, Blue is the Colour….

But before I could get into my vent/rage/spite mode and really go after the lads in Blue with my little fists of fury, the news came down that Jose Mourinho was fired!





Once again, before he could complete a 3rd season, Roman Abramovich as sent Jose Mourinho on a one way, all-expenses paid trip to СДЕЛАЙТЕ ОДИН Остров.

I’m bitterly disappointed, of course, but not all that much surprised. Everything about this season was wrong from the off2.

My heart says this was the wrong move. But my gut concedes that there really was no other option. Short of firing all or most of the team, it’s always simpler, albeit simplistic in the extreme in this case, to fire the head coach. Happens all the time in the NFL, NBA and MLB here in the states. So this is no surprise, at the end of the day.

So far, as I dash this off this morning as the drama unfolds live, only one Chelsea player has had a word to say….the aforementioned Cesc Fàbregas:


“Thank you for all you have done for me. I owe you a lot and we will all miss you. Good luck in the future and i know you will be back soon.”


Maybe he should just shut the fuck up and play football. He had plenty of chances this season to say thank you to Jose Mourinho for all Jose did for him. He owes Jose a lot, like a apology for playing like a donkey with a heart of stone. Ditto to Hazard and Costa if they emerge with an insincere Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post. Just shut the fuck up. Play football. Keep The Blue Flag Flying High. Stop draggin’ the Blue Flag through your petulant vale of shit.

Time for you to wake up, girls…

There. For now.

‘Til Saturday morning then, when the Blues tee it off at 9:00AM CST on NBCSN against Sunderland with Guus Hiddink soon to be back at the helm.

I’ve had my fill of this bollocks for now.

And now, here’s a song for Jose. And I think I’ll join in.




  1. Remember, every time I use a bit of British slang or idiom, take a drink!
  2. British idiomatic slang expression alert!! Take another DRINK!!

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