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The Eight-Legged Martian With Glowing Eyes!!

moon8Sunderland 2     ManU(re) 1


Well, that’s three losses on the bounce for the famous and renowned Manchester United. And see how nice I can be?? Just like I’ve stopped calling Jeff Gordon That Homo, I’ve stopped ((for a descending series of moments, at least)) calling Manchester United ManU(re). But I still find all this funny and hah hah.

I mean, that’s three 2-1 defeats in a row. Two of them at the once invincible Old Trafford…to Tootenham on New Years Day, and to Swansea in the FA Cup. And then the aforementioned away defeat to hapless Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

On Saturday, Swansea returns to Old Trafford for Premier League action, and hopefully, from my point of view, to return the favour.

Of course, David Moyes is being blamed for all this mediocrity and malaise. After all, for the past 26 years under Sir ((excuse me, Lord)) Alex Ferguson, Man U fans have become accustomed to nothing but the best and inning everything. They’ve come to take it for granted that they will always be on top. Especially after last season, Sir(Lord) Alex’s final season, when they finished as league champions.

Now this season, with Fergie’s hand-picked replacement David Moyes at the helm and Man U mired in 7th place, all the alarm bells are going off as if they entire city of Manchester ((except for the part of the city where Manchester City, the noisy neighbors, ply their trad)) is burning to ground in a fiery inferno and all the nay-sayers and pundits and even Man U’s heroes of yore like Sir Bobby Charlton and even some of the current players (allegedly) are questioning and second-guessing the abilities of David Moyes to lead a squad with the pedigree and renown of Manchester United.

It’s almost if, to them, that David Moyes is an eight-legged Martian with glowing eyes who’s fallen from the sky and is now prowling the Earth like a giant spider with diapers on. It’s incredible to me, to be honest, since David Moyes has just been nominated for Premier League Manager of the Month for the month of December. But now that it’s January and the Red Devils have lost three on the trot, well…now he’s a worthless git who’ll never amount to anything and is not fit manage such a glorious team as Manchester United.

Now mind you, I believe it’s just a vocal rabid minority who are actually clamoring for Moyes’s head, or howling about what a mistake it was to appoint him in the first place; and of course, the usual pundits who thrive on stirring up crap to gain a few more readers are heaping fuel on the fire as well.

So of all people, me, a Chelsea fan who blood runs Blue, felt compelled last Tuesday to rise to Moyes’s defense. I posted a comment on MIRROR FOOTBALL and to my surprise, a lot of Man U fans happen to agree with me. When I last checked, 116 people voted it up, and 17 voted down. Here is what wrote:



Bear in mind I’m a Chelsea fan, and I’m enjoying the heck out ManU’s woes, but it’s not at all fair to blame Moyes for this trainwreck. I make it a point to know my enemy, and I’ve been saying for the past two years that ManU needs to rebuild the spine of their team.


The ONLY reason they won the title last season is because Sir Alex was able to patch over the cracks with his flaming hairdryer and get it done. But he knew what sort of squad he was leaving Moyes, a mid-table squad in need of an overhaul. And that what ManU is right now, a mid-table squad.

As I wrote abiout    mmmmmm


So don’t blame Moyes for this. He didn’t draft any of these guys in ((except for Fellaini who is injured)). Vidic, your most valuable player, has been hurt for the last 2 years, Evra is losing a step or three, and why the hell is Rio Ferdinand still out there and not sipping Chardonnay at some art gallery….plus Giggs…really now, still? The rest of the lot with exception of Rooney and VanPersie are mid-table pluggers. So there you have it. You are what are. But don’t blame Moyes for this. Just don’t.


But yes,I did laugh when I saw the score from today. Ha ha ha!! =P


So there you go. My first post of 2014, and it’s all about Manchester United. Bloody Hell anyway.
That deserves (or requires) SOME kind of beer, does it not?
An O’so NIGHT TRAIN will hit the spot about now. Yes….yes indeed.
that's all for today


1 thought on “The Eight-Legged Martian With Glowing Eyes!!

  1. Man U is having a down year, no doubt. All great teams go through this. But don't laugh too hard, they'll be back soon, in fine form, and put Chelsea back down where they belong, with the rest of the bottom feeders fighting for the scraps from Man U's table.

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