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College Football MADNESS!!!

love trumps hate
love trumps hateTrump University 29      Wellesley College 23


Well that one’s a final. Trump somehow wins on a last minute touchdown AT THE DEATH!!1 No time left on the clock….they might line up for a field goal or a 2 point conversion depending on how Michigan finally falls (more on that in a moment). But it’s a moot point or two….so just take the knee and be done with it, or fire a perfect a spiral pass right out of the endzone straight into the nuts of Touchdown Jesus and call it a day.

love trumps hateStraight Red Card!!!


Yes, America….y’all have been handed a straight red card so off with yer full kit and hit the showers. It was a stinking mess all the way around. A horrible football match. And the fault lies as much with looking in the mirror as it does the particular demerits and the very few merits of each particular candidate.

I’m not going to use the excuse that this is a sports-bloog/online sadness diary to avoid talking about this.

  1. First off. This election was NOT about Trump winning. There is a nothing winning about Donald Trump and his camp-followers and vociferous hangers-on are going to be in for one motherfucking surprise. America was already great, and like a masterful politician that he pretended not to be, Trump played his political cards better than the Democrats played theirs. He told them all lies, and fed them all candy. So, Trump Fans, take notice: There is NO FUCKING MANDATE, so stay in your lane. Also, as I said, prepare to be motherfucking suprised….as in the bitterly disappointing side of motherfucking surprised.
  2. Secondly, this election was NOT about Clinton losing in key states she expected to win or not having a higher % of her demographic constituencies turning out to vote. No. Clinton’s failure to win has more to do with the Democratic Party being stuffed to the gills with old-time cronyism which is what set the stage for her defeat. Super-delegates and the simple idea that she was the Special One brushed the better candidate aside. love trumps hate

    The Special One?? Hmmmm….


      Bernie Sanders would have kicked Trumps ass like hell wont have it. But the Party thought otherwise and now the Democratic Party needs to take a long hard look at it’s ugly self—the same thing btw is happening in England with the Labour Party.
  3. Thirdly, it’s the economy, stupid. That’s always been the NASCAR Driver Of The Year in politics forever. Even though the economy is not bad and America is already great, it has more to do with how the table is set and the meal is presented. The Democrats were unable to do this….they had no consistently compelling vision of their meal, no consistent attempt to sell the sizzle over the steak. They just blithely assumed that everyone knows that the Democrats prepare the very best tournedos of beef stuffed with goat cheese omelettes in America…ignoring that fact a simple cheeseburg would do just as well. Instead of man-marking Trump, they became consumed with zonal marking on race and immigration and sexual-related issues which are all important and vital, but left Donald Trump with acres of space. He didn’t even have to do any fancy manouvers like a Cruijff-turn to score a goal or a double reverse to reach the endzone. All Trump had to do was promise 2 colour televisions in every house and all the hot dogs you can eat!


college-football-madness-3Joey Barton meets the Donald


Politics, of course, is like screwing a cat in the ass. Nothing political is correct, etc inc limited liability corporation®.

And unfortunately for America, The Donald is not a man of Joey Barton’s own skull…or vice versa. ***insert your very own Rimbaud quote here***

Knowledge might be power, but ignorance is strength.



love trumps hateReal College Football Madness


Besides the aforementioned shameful election results, the actually was REAL College Football madness this week. One of my readers, Marc Odegaard, always, sometimes, requests that I write more about College Football…and specifically The Ohio State University college football. Of course, I don’t give fuck all about The Ohio State University, but here ya go. The Ohio State University 62-3 Maryland. Back to back 62-3 wins. THERE’s your The Ohio State University college football. Nothing mad there except the score. Wisconsin this weekend whipped up on Illinois 48-3 at Camp Randall.

My other reader will, by now, have avoided reading anything sports related and has scrolled down tot he end of this to see which Leonard Cohen or bluegrass tune I’ve attached herewith.

For the rest of you, well…the College Football Madness began Thursday night with a totally incomprehensible defeat of my Tarheels by Duke. The final was Duke 28-27 North Carolina. Football, bloody hell!!

It didn’t end there as yesterday brought more major carnage into play. While my wife were in Chicago marching with/through the Trump protesters before turning into the Art Institute to contemplate El Greco, Rembrandt and Van Gogh, #3 Michigan was toppled by Iowa 14-13; #2 Clemson was dumped by Pitt 43-42; and #4 Washington was blootered by USC 26-13.

So chaos reigns2 in college football as well as in America.


Love Trumps Hate



  1. English soccer slang alert!! Take a DRINK!! No…take TWO drinks!! Take more in fact! Just like when y’all are voting, it’s bast to drink early and drink often…
  2. And speaking of rain (pun intended), the Brazilian Gran Prix in Sao Paolo was red flagged at the moment due to the persistent rain that just caused Kimi to spin around and wreck his ride. Always be yourself, but if you can be Kimi, ALWAYS be Kimi….except today. Little difference from NASCAR besides the obvious….in F1 under a Red Flag, you CAN work on your car. Keep that in mind for next time, Sterling.

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