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A Terrifying True Vampire!


It’s Talladega, Baby!!

Heh heh…sorry about that. That was last weekend. Hrrrrr!!  Anyway, NASCAR’s last ditch effort to quell the boredom that has been seething out of the race’s lately has taken a twist they had not anticipated. Kyle Busch, it seems, was NOT turned in to a terrifying true vampire after all.



After an impressive Camping World Truck Series win on Friday night and an equally impressive Nationwide win yesterday, Kyle Busch’s trues colours and true nature are finally being revealed. And today, as the Dickie’s 500 is set to tee at Texas Motor Speedway in an hour or so from now as I type this, Kyle is poised to complete the weekend hat trick. He is the best driver not in the Chase and I hope he tears up Texas and cordially takes a bow.

See NASCAR fans?? Kyle Busch is NOT all scary.  Why can’t you embrace him? He’s nothing but a stuffed animal!!


newmans flight 2

Oh yes. I almost forgot to mention Ryan Newman’s little Cirque du Soleil meet Robbie Knieval routine last Sunday.

Newman had a little chat with Ryan Pemberton and JohnDarby about that.  I wonder what NASCAR is going do about airborne race cars, ne?


newmans flight 1

They’ll hire air traffic controllers, that’s what.

NASCAR: “US ARMY 39 you’re cleared for takeoff on turn 3, over?”

Newman: “Roger that ‘Dega Control”


Newman’s Crew Chief: “Rotate”

Newman: “Roger That.

Newman’s Crew Chief: “Gear up”

Newman:“Roger that.”

NASCAR: “US Army 39 this is Dega Control….turn left heading 275”

Newman: “Roger that, Dega…….oh SHIT!”

Newman’s Crew Chief: Oh SHIT!!”

NASCAR: “oh shit!



Meanwhile, Danica Patrick is ever so much closer to saving NASCAR.

Look out Junior Nation, Danicamania will soon be in full force.

Oh, that’s right, your hero is the one in charge of that. Hmmm. Junior Nation vs. Danicamania. On the same team no less. I’ll be damned. Time to fire up that Daytona 500 countdown clock.

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