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On The Waterfront   Too bad that Lewis and Nico can’t be best pals, play nice, and get along better. Mostly the latter would be a refreshing change of pace. Their animosity towards each other really wouldn’t play all that well in NASCAR where even though teammates are just as much in competition with each…

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Thick Slicing, Best Served With Beer….and Malt Vinegar

Hey LOOK!!!   It’s David Luiz!!   This is usually the stage of the game where I have to think of something clever to say. But good luck with that one on the day, I guess. We’ll ((or I’ll)) have to see what happens. If I can figure out a surefire way to hook up…

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Happy As A Little Girl At Last

Unidentified Fan

England 1      Spain 0 The most important football game in the universe that was played this past Saturday (yesterday as I hammer this out on my Adler J-5 typewriter) was played at Wembley Stadium, London before a crowd of 87,189. The universe held its breath. Would defiant little England clomp out onto pitch with poppies…