Observations From The Human World


Magic is based upon belief. It is not wishful thinking or dreaming. It is desire aroused to action. It is at that intersection of desire and action where magic occurs….the intersection where The Magic World and The Human World cross paths

Amulets, Magic Wands, Magic Ribbons, Magic Words and Glorious Transformations notwithstanding, all Magic is, in its essence, is desire come to life. Life illuminated by the brilliance of one’s heart and soul in action. Erika’s Magic Ribbon that she gives to Himeko is not what is Magic. Magic is what Himeko has in her heart and soul when she uses the ribbon to transform.

This document makes no pretense towards magic. It is simply my way of illuminating that intersection between The Magic World and The Human World. A lamp-post on the street corner. A lighthouse piercing through the fog as the waves pound in. Nothing pretentious whatsoever. This is just a jumping off point for you to explore certain elements of The Magic World and The Human World, if you so desire.

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