Girls In Jars


girls in jars

Lum from Urusei Yatsura


16 years ago, I put up a site called Girls In Jars on Tripod. It’s still up there, but I’ve long ago forgotten the passwords and so on to get into Tripod to change anything. So it’s sits there with dead links to my old homepages on the old ISP I used back in those days, and so I decided to rescue the page and host it here on the Magic World so I can update it and keep it current.

Until I get around to updating it, consider this post a little museum exhibit.


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Someday We Will All Be On The Wired

a/k/a  The Executive Table


In early 1970, The Magic Users Club and Clamp Campus Detectives met to discuss my future webpages. At least that is what I fancy those poofters to be doing in that frighteningly quaint photo from my High School Yearbook (me, 2nd from right). To be honest, the truth was far far worse. I wonder what would have happened if I’d known back then, what was truly in my heart. There were spirits there, spirits buried so deep, that all my rich poetic sadness in those days only shrouded those spirits even more. If  only I’d have known back then, that someday we would ALL be on The Wired….

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