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      ¥      Welcome to CALLING ALL GIRLS. Welcome to what some people have called: "A most ecelectic website devoted, primarily, to Shoujo Anime, Manga, Trains & various Professional Sports, according to some people....".

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     I updated the links on this old page to include links to my new, redesigned homepages. I will keep this page up as an alternative to all kinds of common sense; design values; good taste, and so on. This page shall be like that drunken uncle no one talks about who shows up uninvited at your sister's wedding and pukes in the fruit salad (except that this page is a whole lot Cuter!!).

     ¥      CUTE NEWS FLASH!!     My fiancée Emily Harrison has a fabulous new site about Korean Anime characters. Koreanime is THE definitive and comprehensive site for images and information about these cute, unusual, and fascinating characters.

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      Parents. It is YOUR responsibility and no one else's to supervise and guide your children's exploration of cyberspace. No amount of software or censorship can substitute for informed parental guidance, and quality time. Most parents, in my view and experience have been very lax in their reponsibilities.So if you are concerned that your 10 or 12 or 16 year old son or daughter will be viewing images like THIS, then it is up to YOU to teach some values, common sense, open-mindedness, and responsibility. It is up to YOU to take an active role in your child's upbringing; rather than the passive one which I know that many of you opt for out of laziness, busyness, or the tedious selfishness of your self-important adult world . I encourage you to share your thoughts with me on this. Write to:

     Meanwhile, there are some great Anime and Manga sites for parents to share with their younger children. I have compiled a wonderful page for all ages at: Worlds Of Wonder


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