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           The truth of the matter is that I am forced to live with my preconceived notions of things. There is no escaping them, despite everything that convention and custom might dictate.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?? I think NOT!! Certainly not me!!

Blondes Have More Fun?? Not in a million years!!

I stand firm against the raging will of the majority and what I most deeply believe, and know in my heart to be true.

     I know it was not ALWAYS that way. In kindergarten, and through 1st or 2nd grade I had a crush on this girl who was BLONDE and looked just like Gale Storm from that classic 50's TV show My Little Margie (even though Gale Storm was naught, technically, a blonde). However, that was then, and as the days rolled across the face of the land like a mighty wind, I found greater felicity and fascination in brunettes. A greater and more potent sensuality

     But enough about me.....*insert smiley here*

      In the anime world, it's the brunettes who are the heroes in many, if not most, shows. No funny hair colours. Just action, power, adventure, bravery.....and beauty as opposed to cuteness for the most part. I could, and most likely will, do 3 pages of brunettes....and I still would naught do justice to them all.

     I hate to say this, but this page/site is very much a work in progress. Several of my personal favorites don't even appear on this page although they are with me always and their brave and magical blood courses through my veins.

Nadia Ayukawa Madoka

Katsuragi Misato Elisa Maza

Sailor Mars Akane Tendo

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