P r i n c e s s  A s r i a l

"I'm a QUEEN now!! A QUEEN!!! It's Queen Asrial to you fat, beer-guzzling, aging, balding BOOB!!"

I bowed low, and as gracefully as a man of my modest and suspect birth could manage. "My apologies, Queen Asrial, " I said. "In my heart you shall always be a Princess. But with all due respect, my Queen, don't you think you should have sounded a SPOILER ALERT first?"

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           I won't belabor the oblivious until later. If you don't know who Pricess Asrial is, nor what Ninja High School is all about, I shall defer the background information for a bit. I don't want the facts to get in the way of and obscure the truth! Consider this your spoiler alert.

     Despite my Fear of Blondes, I've always loved and admired Asrial. Despite the fact that in my so-called real life I've personally preferred brunettes....despite the fact that in my so-called unreal life my favorite anime characters have generally been dark-heared beauties such as Madoka, and Misato, there always was something about Asrial that engaged me from the start, from the very first time I laid eyes on a copy of Ninja High School. There always seemed to be more passion and innocence about her. She seemed to have a greater purity of purpose than Ichi-kun, and never forced the issue....forced herself on Jeremy, like Hikaru did on Kyosuke in a similar love-triangle in Kimagure Orange Road, despite being, for the most part, to seem like the odds on favorite to lose out in the end as Hikaru did.

     Asrial, in my view, always seemed to rise above it all. All signs pointed to Jeremy and Ichikun getting married and living happily ever after..... But through it all, Asrial remained steady and constant and wonderous and more full of love and caring and character than anyone else in Ninja High School, with the possible exception of Jeremy's mother, Anna Feeple ((and that gentle readers is a story for another day...... *ahem*   *looks around innocently*)).

     The beauty of it all is that it happened pretty much the way I always wanted it to. I wanted Jeremy to go off to Salusia with Asrial long before Ben Dunn ever wrote the story in which it happened. Long ago I wanted Jeremy and Asrial to fall deeply and passionately in love....and guess what....Jeremy and Asrial finally got around to THAT one, too.... *grin* One of the pictures in the gallery to your right is NOT Asrial.... *grin*

     And yes.....Salusians are a a race of skunks.... And Asrial in her Salusian form is just as beautiful and desirable as Asrial in her human form. Perhaps even more so! It creates, in the mind, a quite fascination and curious scenario.

But enough about that. This site is one of a series of Asrial galleries that will showcase more pictures of her and present further information about her. I will also be developing a complete and comprehensiveNinja High School website, since very few really exist for all the fans out there. Meanwhile, enjoy this page. And never doubt for one second that steam really WILL save mankind.


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